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My background in renovating houses and of course my love of gardens was a sound basis for training to be a garden designer.  I am RHS qualified in Principles of Horticulture and have the Diploma in Garden Design, for planting and hard landscaping, from Capel Manor College as well as a Planting Diploma from the London College of Garden Design.


I have trusted suppliers & professionals to provide a wrap-around design service.  Based in South Buckinghamshire, my portfolio is Home Counties and South of England.


I am a pre-registered member of the Society of Garden Designers, a member of the RHS, a friend of Kew Gardens & the Chelsea Physic Garden and a life member of the National Trust. 


My aim is to create gardens that my clients will want to use as much as any well used room in their homes and for them to feel a tangible improvement in their every-day quality of life.  

Integrating the sensory elements into a strong design concept gives a garden longevity and it is satisfying to find finely tuned sensory solutions for each project.



I like to approach each project on its own merits and to be led by each situation and set of solutions needed.  In some situations, the garden will have strong factors influencing the final design which I will discuss fully with you, such as for dementia care.


The Japanese have a term for being out in the open with nature - Shinrin-yoku - best translated as 'forest bathing'.  They believe that being outside with plants and trees promotes emotional and physical well-being and the supporting evidence is now so strong, both from the UK and the USA, that some UK GPs are prescribing gardening for patients.  Most of us would probably agree too that to spend time in gardens or natural environments is fun and enjoyable.

Why do gardens give us significant and lasting health benefits?  


  • Strengthened immunity (due to increased NK cells)

  • Reduced stress (a physiological boost which continues long after visiting the garden itself)

  • Improved memory function


We use this research data and much more to help us to create garden designs tailored to optimise the benefits for each client or group of clients. 

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