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A highly strung pet dog and his owner have been given a relaxing fully enclosed back garden.  Non toxic and non poisonous plants were essential.  Calming scent of Lavender, colours that are more easily seen by dogs and also plants that distract, such as ornamental grasses, often a useful technique, were also included.

Not only is the client's dog more settled but there is also a new addition of a pet tortoise who apparently likes Stachys as her snack food if lunch is a little late.


A sanctuary for an artist who wants to read in the garden when time permits.  The planting scheme frames the displayed mosaic art work and evergreen balls add an element of fun throughout.   Many climbers in this garden provide colour & scent.


The client is a home worker whose office looks directly over the front garden.  The brief was for plants to grow up to and over the wall & fencing along the front boundary to create more privacy and for there to be colour throughout the year.   Evergreen wall shrubs were chosen in what is a very shallow-depth border and a generous number of bulbs provide successional interest & vibrancy through summer and winter.


An open and welcoming south facing front garden with a beach theme allowing a relaxed planting scheme to sway in the breeze and to spill over raised beds.   Some very low-level planting on the driveway itself to allow unrestricted vehicular access.


Fully SuDS compliant (sustainable urban drainage system) using gravel and a polypropylene grid.  Full weight bearing system for cars & vans.




Karen, Sensory Gardens, has provided a first class service, from understanding the initial brief, through to creating a lovely garden.  This has involved plenty of discussion with lots of information about various plants, all of which has helped me to understand the care of individual plants and how to get the best out of my new garden.  Looking forward to a colourful garden this summer!

Nigel M

I asked Karen to design and plant my garden with a guideline of safe plants as I needed a calm and tranquil environment for my stressed dog.  What she achieved was perfect and the whole family enjoys the garden now, above all my dog Dillon.

F Doree


Client privacy is paramount and for this reason I exclude some information in the portfolio garden descriptions and they are titled by County or area only.

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